are robotics engineers rich (5 things you should know)

Robotics engineering is one of the most promising and growing industries in the world. Currently, robots are one of the most useful tools, especially in manufacturing and space exploration. A lot of people know that robotics is a challenging domain. It requires being qualified and passionate to be a robotics engineer. But the question is: Is it worth it or not. are robotics engineers rich?. Or it is possible for robotics engineers to become rich?.

this is what we’re going to discover in this article so keep reading.

are robotics engineers rich?

Absolutely yes they could. Robotics is a growing and promising market that has its advantages over other specialties. But you have to understand that being a robotics engineer and working for companies will not make you rich.

Most experienced robotics engineers reach an average of $160 000 per year after 10 years of experience. Junior robotics begin with $88 000. You could imagine how rich you will be!.

Robotic engineers have preferences and advantages over other fields. Automation is omnipresent everywhere. So, we have self-drive cars, we have robots in industries even robots entering houses and taking care of people. Every day the number increase. Thus the demand will be big in the future.

The market job will be expected to grow by 6.4% in the next 10 years. We could say that working as an employee for robotics companies could make you satisfied financially and out of debt. But will never make you rich, unless if you follow these steps that will be going to talk about in the next paragraph.

Can robotics engineer become rich?

Robotics engineers are considered one of the highest-paid jobs in the US, which gives them the potential to be financially comfortable. But not being rich as their employers. There is another possibility and solution that could allow engineers to be rich and attain a high level of success. We will respond to that in detail in the next paragraph.

how to become a rich robotics engineer?

I will give you 4 steps on how to be a rich and successful robotics engineer.

study robotics

It is obvious for someone who wants to succeed in robotics to study robotics. But for future rich robotics engineers. They have to double the work and try to cover the most required topics in robotics. Especially improving themself in algebra and trigonometry, Calculus. Ordinary differential equations. and so on.

Here you find the main expected robotics principles for studying

– mathematics

  • linear algebra
  • probability
  • differential equations

– physics

  • dynamic
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • mechanics

– computer system

  • data structure
  • object-oriented system
  • algorithms

The first goal will be having a bachelor’s degree in science by finishing all your studies about basic electronics or mechanical engineering. Where the student discovers foundations of electronic design and electronic components. Also, learning how to combine electronics and mechanics for control application and management.

The second thing is pursuing your study and obtaining a master’s. It will take you one to two years to complete. You will go into the advanced concepts in engineering and computer science. For instance autonomous systems, robotics systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence…

You may find different programs in robotics engineering for one university to another. But the concept is still the same. The standard is to focus on math and physics modules especially deep dive in automatization and control.

so obtaining a master’s degree is crucial for you if you want to apply for an engineering robotic job.

make internships

The internship is hugely important for robotics engineers. It helps them and prepares them for discovering the industries and acquiring useful skills. Also, expand their thinking about the domain and what is waiting for them in the future.

Is highly recommendable to do multiple internships in different companies from the smallest to the biggest ones. As result, this will enrich your portfolio by having:

  • experience

As an intern at a company. In other words,  it is a big opportunity for you to work with engineers and learn from them in a different field of robotics. Practice and program by yourself, learn how mechanical design is done, participate in daily challenges companies face, and see how they overcame all technical issues. So getting the maximum experience will create a big difference between your peers.

  • networking

Networking with experienced people in your industry. Consequently, could be a major factor in your success and your personal and professional career. The more connection you have, the more things you could achieve. In this phase, you have to make good relationships with robotic engineers and all-powerful people you find around. You will find them in the future.

work and get different experiences

Working and getting a good experience. So it is one of the critical things to pursue this career and become a rich robotics engineer. You have to be differentiated from your peers. All that is done by having good qualifications and from good experience in robotics subfields.

As a newly graduated engineer, the network relation that you have created in your previous internships. Consequently could be a high rating factor for hiring future opportunities. That is to say, you will have a big chance to be employed in the companies where you had internships. So this is why we mentioned above the importance of networking.

To become rich in robotics engineers, the getting experience phase could be the most valuable factor that will determine your success. We will suggest that process by going through these two steps:


The robotic engineer topic is very broad to all occupancy. So you must take a specialty in robotics and dive down on it. You could pick the specialty you want like:

  • Design Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Algorithm Engineers Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • manufacturing engineering and more

There are many other specialties in the robotics field. You could pick the one that you’re fitting in with, and start your process.

After choosing a specialty, your duty comes to hard work and discipline. Showing and proving yourself in the company is what will help you get at the highest level and increase your salary.

Take your time to acquire experience and deep knowledge in your specialty. Prepare yourself by breaking hard challenges and adding value to your company. This is might take a few years. it is not overnight. But you have to be patient to get what you want.

At least you will need 5 years of experience in robotics engineering before we could jump to the next phase toward your goal (being a rich robotics engineer). This is not the field that you will become easily rich from , it is highly competitive. So be aware.

have a background in another robotics specialties

Having solid knowledge and experience in your robotics field will not be enough. As a result, in order to be a hard competitor in this domain. You have to be aware of what is going in another field around you. For example, if you are a hardware engineer. The electrical and mechanical engineer must be also at your intention and in the range of your capabilities. One polarity will not allow succeeding.

build a business

Robotic engineers can become rich only by this option of ” Building their own business “.

So after the steps that we’ve gone through. As a result, talking about how much experience and network are primordial. The direct phase is born. It s now the time to build your business.

Business is not that much easier than other domains. It requires a good vision and good experience to translate the market need into a useful and profitable product. I will give you 3 things you should do as a robotics entrepreneur :

market study

The first thing you should have is to do market research. Find the gaps and problems that you could solve with your expertise, look if you have any competitors around the problem you want to treat. Ask people if they are ready to pay for this problem or make a small test…

take your time and study the market!

choose the potential idea

Sometimes choosing the potential idea could be difficult, you have many ideas. But it doesn’t mean that any idea is feasible. Thus being aware of our resources, and capabilities are the key to choosing a winner idea. For instance, you could not choose to build a million-dollar robot with a tiny budget. This could be a big risk. We have put things on the balance.

promote your porduct

the last and most important thing is marketing. People buy from who they know. So if you ignore this aspect and only focus just on product creation you might pay that, hard. Without marketing, there is no business. The marketing budget must be respected and scaled.

can robotics engineer become rich as an employee

if we take the highest salaries in the market robotic engineer. the average could not exceed $160 000 a year. While one Ceo of the robotic company makes millions per year. So the difference is not notable.


being rich and pursuing your dreams in terms of your passion is something great. In the robotics field, the path will not be easy due to the technicity and complexity of the domain. But businesses don’t know how your product is technologically advanced or not. If the market accepts it you will be rewarded. So this is what makes people successful and rich. They have the ability to grind and pay prices to get a big chunk of cheese. Being an employee will not allow you that, it could make you financially comfortable not rich like you could expect.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.