superiority stem majors: 7 things you should know

This day’s people talk a lot about superiority stem majors, it catches a big portion of the interest. Some non-stem majors feel disrespected by stem majors which could or indicate that stem majors are arrogant.

On another side, others hate stem majors.

Also, we find people loving stem but don’t accept math. Or loving math and excepting sciences. So in this article were going to respond to the most 7 important things about stem superiority.

STEM majors are arrogant?

Being arrogant or not doesn’t have any relation between stem or non-stem majors. Every domain has its own challenges.

Being arrogant reflects the personality of a person and his own mindset. Consequently, many people are money slaves they give the priority to money over everything, which can cause this problem of arrogance.

People are arrogant not stem majors. All majors have their difficulties and challenges, literal majors have to focus and deal with long reading and writing sessions. Musicians majors have to practice for long hours and absorb notes. So The question is not that stem is out of reach. People are just not interested in it.

What gives Superiority STEM majors from another one is that stem is a more restricted program and math-heavy. This is what makes the stem in a pedestal. Because people glorify students who study math and sciences while disrespecting literal majors that helped humanity in so many stages.

Some backward-minded majors think that choosing stem from other branches indicates student intelligence. Stem for intelligent people and literal for stupid people, Which is a shame and arrogant thinking. While we can find a lot of intelligent students but not interested in scientific topics. They have chosen to follow the path that satisfies them and matches their goals.

Why do STEM majors think they are better than others

I will list you the most important 4 reasons why STEM majors think they are better than others and participate to stem superiority culture.

job market

The stem branch is considered one of the most growing industries in the market every year. During the last five years, the demand has increased by almost double compared to other specialties like letters and arts.

Computer and information technology occupations are predicted to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030. It is faster than the average for all occupations. These occupations are projected to add about 667,600 new jobs.

According to US BUREAU OF LABOR AND STATISTICS. Only the computer and information technology area is going to grow by 13% during the next 10 years. That means 667,600 will appear in the sector.


There is a big difference between stem salaries jobs and non-stem jobs. The stem salary job like radiologists could reach up to $200 000 per year while the majority of non-stem jobs could not exceed $100 000 per year for most cases.

But there is an exception for non-stem jobs. There are biased business jobs in management and marketing that pay well. The experienced employer could exceed $200 000 per year.


Stem majors study a lot of heavy mathematics topics which makes it the most complex field. When students compare themselves with other literal majors. they underestimated and disrespect their branches.

That also can create a feeling of superiority and make some students fully of themselves. Thinking that stem means intelligence and other majors stupidity. But not all students think like that.

Being in the stem field doesn’t rely on IQ or intelligence. It interest question not that much. Outside stem we can find brilliant non-stem employers who do very well in their careers.


The majority part of society relay money and successful careers. So it goes in this direction that the successful, interesting jobs and reputational positions in society reside in high-paying jobs, which stem offers.

We see in many cases parents pressuring their kids. So they go in money rewarding specialties that provide more establishing salaries regardless if kids are interested or not. Maybe their kids are genuinely artistic and not fit for stem classes. Parents choose money over the happiness of their kids.

there is a lot of kids who actually rise their parents about that. it really sucks.

Which STEM major requires the most math and least science?

In the majors stem is impossible to get totally rid of physics .but in some majors, you will not be focusing on it. So I will list you the 2 stem majors that use most math and least of science.

computer science

Computer science students don’t focus a lot on physics, they tend to dive deep into logic, probabilities, and statistics. In other words, computer science is located in middle between logic and mathematics. But we cannot forget that it needs some physics aspect relying on electronics and chemistry. Not detailed physics.

if you want to be focused on math you have to avoid these computer science specialties or subfields like:

  • video games creation
  • IoT software development(software that controls embedded systems machines),
  • Computer graphics that hold image processing and information visualization
  • Computer architecture…

instead, focusing on these subfields like :

  • number theory
  • mathematical logic and
  • game theory
  • coding theory
  • Computer architecture…

these subfields are mathematical pure.


Or you can go directly to mathematics which is purely focused on math. You can study:

  • Analysis.
  • Algebra.
  • Combinatorics.
  • Geometry.
  • Topology.
  • Probability and statistics.

if you love computers you choose computer science. Then diverge to the mathematical specialty to combine it with your passion.

I hate being a STEM major(solution)

For people who hate stem major and choose it. They make a huge mistake. That could be significant for them and rational due to the social and financial status that stem offers. Unfortunately, because society gives superiority to the stem majors.

But they fall into the trap of lack of interest and unhappiness, that weigh on them during the process.

We will suggest you 2 scenarios to repair your situation and go out of this problem with less amount of damages.

1. keep going through the hell.

If you find yourself at your latest stages and you almost get graduated. Will not be wised to quit and leave everything you acquired. keep and have patience. Sometimes stem became even heavy for his lovers.

So you have to be aware of that. One year and or up to 2 years will be worth being patient for. Also, you have to stop complaining much about it. It’s your mistake and you have to ensure responsibility.

Be positive with yourself(i know it’s hard but you have to do it) allow your mind to accept this journey. In condition, for more than one year or 2 at maximum.

2 .quite

If you are still in the beginning stages like in your first year or such that. I firmely encourage you to quit and go back looking for the branch where you can fit in and where you will be satisfied. You don’t have to suffer too much in order to be a miserable student or employer in the future.

The stem is not for all, and that is ok. You could be brilliant in other fields like a social or business one. They also have a really respectful status.

If you don’t like it, don’t try to like it is not feasible. Your gens judge and orient you to an adequate career. don’t hesitate. We have one life to live take advantage of it and don’t lose time

Stem can become weaker major?

The stem will never become a weak major, we have to forget that, when we talk about stem major we talk about challenges and revolutions. So we would not predict that at all. Because simply stem thrive with change and humans love change.

To simplify I will give you the 2 reasons why stem will not be a weaker major.


We live in a society that consumes technology in way of addiction. In our day’s we have almost 5 billion internet users and if we take only the 2 fields of stem strand, Computer and information technology. The number of computer and information technology is almost doubling the whole majors. Can you imagine that?

The US BUREAU OF LABOR AND STATISTICS says. Only the computer and information technology area is going to grow by 13% during the next 10 years. That means more than half a million jobs will be available in the industry. This is talking only about two small fields compared to the stem branch.

Stem is broad

STEM is a broad major, it contains a lot and diverse majors who are receiving a lot of interest and opportunities. The stem is standing from Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics we can see how much board it is. Stem cover all this topic where you can find bellow.

Design and technology.
Information technology
Computer science.

It is hard to see stem week in the future. Even if one area shrinks another area ovulates. So science is expanding every day and challenges are growing. Therefore, with challenges appear opportunities.

let’s pick an example of a software engineer.

Currently and according to the DATA(a website that shares U.S. government data for the public). In the US alone there are near to 4.3 million software engineers alone, which is 10 times more than Iceland’s population. We can notify the superiority stem majors.

Do you have to be gifted in order to pursue a STEM major?

The answer is no. You could pursue a stem major as long as you are ready to put in the work and enhance your capabilities. Life is not always nice and rosy sometimes you have to go against the water direction.

the stem could be on the reach of anyone, But you have to respect some rules and prepare yourself to do that. You can’t judge yourself definitely and say you’re not gifted. The process requires time and work to discover that.

Anyway, I will give two important traits allowing you to go into this major even if you think not gifted.


If you are interested in scientific topics or mathematical ones, and excited about math subjects regardless if you suck at them. Also, you get attracted and you love watching science documentaries talking about scientific discoveries, listening about the new mathematical enigmas.

The same thing could be about technology. You could be a big fan and technology follower even if you don’t like science. You could have an obsession with computers and the programming domain. The most thing is being interested, not gifted because is unjust to judge yourself for being not gifted.

Replace GIFT by INTEREST Be aware of that.

Hard work

Once you have the most important pillar who is the interest. The application phase comes. most people are afraid of stem students because frequently of mathematics. I have an article talking about that But let’s detail the process.

When you choose the stem major you have to be ready to sacrifice and work hard in scientific subjects. Find where you suck at and double the work on it. It could be taking summer courses in mathematics or physics, hanging out with older stem students. improving yourself must be your obsession.

If people put 10 hours in math, you put 15. Have that mindset of plus, outwork your colleges and the difference will be shown.

if you are not interested in Stem and all that you want is to have a nice and high paid job belive me you will not get there.

i will still employed if i major in non-stem field?

for sure yes, the market is wide and not only for stem majors. You don’t have to let stem superiority judge you and confuse you.

I will give you the most 5 growing industries for non-stem majors


Rate of Growth in Next

10 years

Number of Employees

in USA

Expected jobs in 2030

Business and finance
















Construction management




Opportunities are everywhere. The stem offers more promising jobs but the competition is high and chances of getting jobs are depending on the skillset and abilities of a candidate. If you choose a stem and have a degree without a competitive skillset nobody will would employe you.

So it is better to go in something that we are sure about which gives the confidence to apply for jobs where we will thrive.

superiority stem majors (conclusion)

STEM and non-STEM-majors are not flashy or dark clothes. We do not have to let stem superiority make a polar society where everybody seeks one direction. We need to find purposeful people who can work in both direction stem and non-stem, keeping the balance and the diversity in the society.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.