Stem vs Social Science what is the best

As an upcoming student who wants to craft his career. Many students fall into the confusion of choosing between branches such as STEM, Humanity, ABM, or Social Science… These are a few examples where students are stuck, between hesitation and losing direction.

Some of them choose ABM and some others are afraid of stem subjects like math. On another side, there is a portion of students who go in an extreme direction. As a result, asking the difference between scientific subjects and literal ones. like Stem vs Social Science. Today we will study and clarify the difference between STEM and Social Science.

In this article, we will discover:

  • what is a Stem?
  • What is Social Science?
  • what is the difference between stem and social science?

also, know which one is more important and seems to be a good career. So keep reading.

Stem vs Social Science

Stem vs Social Science

Briefly, stem and Social science are two different subjects. Stem studies scientific and biological phenomena using mathematics interpretation. While Social science studies human behavior and his reaction to the environment where he lives.

Stem students study all topics related to science and mathematics. They hugely focus on math because math is the only element we can use to understand science in a logical and comprehensive way. Social students focus more on topics like the economy, history, politics and so more.

How does society look at Stem and Social Science?

People follow the trends. People are majoring in stem strand relatively to the opportunities that the job market offers. That could be a losing point for social science. Yes having an engineer or electrical degree would be notable in our society. Due to the financial position and social respect.

But not everyone looks at these aspects from this angle. So many people belive that personality traits and passion determine the student’s career and his future duties, like a job or social contributions. Being happy and active in Society is way better than being measurable and unsatisfied in the stem. Thus, the question tends to be personal.

Stem vs Social science Which is better?

Understanding stem and Social science

Choosing between stem or social science could be crucial sometimes. Above all, people lack self-awareness. It means, they don’t know their abilities and shortcomings. It sticks them to some spiral thoughts which create confusion and anxiety.

Choosing between Stem and Social science requires firstly a deep understanding of these two elements. First, you have to understand what is the stem and what is social science in detail before we could go to the next step.

Understanding myself

The second step is to know your personality and your capabilities. It will facilitate your self-awareness discovery. You have to understand yourself first before choosing the right path. We will not respond to your question based on society or how much money you will make or have. Because we don’t want you to make $100 000 per year and be miserable. We want to allow you to choose based on your core values.

When Stem is better for me than Social Science

STEM requires some capabilities and abilities, differently from the literal people who want to join Social Science classes. I will give you the requirements and characteristics that fit and allow you to be a stem student, not a social science one.

the analytical spirit

Successful stem peoples have a differential ability to solve issues through their analytical skills. They love to reformulate and solve enigmas, investigate topics, and ask a lot of questions over time.

They love the development of many technical processes. Always seeking problems and finding how to treat them with a different strategy. Understanding the core and foundation of things is also between their eyes.

If you have an interest in going and testing new things without taking care about losing or succeeding. All you want is to fill your curiosity and discover new things. the chances, you are a good analytical thinker

love of science and discoveries

Having a passion for science reflects high interest. It creates persistent curiosity about scientific topics and the big desire to share your knowledge. It became an obsession and daily repetitive thoughts in your mind.

Watching documentaries and watching science fiction movies incorporate and give a sense of a scientific personality. Understanding physics or new discoveries makes you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

This is absolute proof that you are made for stem, not for social science or anything else.

love technology

Technology is one of the fastest growing domains. So this is why you get attracted. Because it changes consistently and doesn’t know who is a routine. Above all-loving technology may reside in his diversity and his big market potential.

programs and computers or any kind of machine catch your attention and make you curious. You love to hear news about computers, cars or different technologies. The advancement of technology and inventions fascinate you.

Stem classes will be your option, the technology needs people like you to contribute and enhance life people. Also, breaking huge challenges in a technology society.

when Social Science is better for me than Stem

Social science needs different skills and abilities. Also, tend to take care of human aspects and ensure good communication skills. We will talk about some most important qualities that allow you without hesitation to join social science classes.


Communication is one of the pillars needed in this area. It demands to be a good speaker and listener who can understand people and react well with them. The most dilemma in society is people always feel non-understood and lost. Thus it requires you to know how to listen to them and how to ask questions.

Being a good communicator means also having good quality in writing. Also, the capacity to understand and receive oral and written information.

If you attract people by your speeches and feel happy and comfortable hanging with them. You have a big chance to be a great communicator.

interested in community issues

You love the Work associative, dealing with all people’s issues, reasoning, and trying to help to answer their problems. That could be through communicating with them, and combining information sources to develop concrete solutions.

All aspects of help and community belong to you. You feel like you have the pride to be a member of associations. You tend to be a feeler more than a rational person. In most cases, your sensations drive you successfully to your goals and destinations.

Developing new social rules also encourages you to help the community and provide enough support. You have social principles that you always defend. Improving people’s life is your message and where you want to be.


You always lead people or friends in some task or situations. They count on you because you know how to nail it. You are an active listener and flexible person. Also, think about other people’s benefits before yourself. It is also a great leadership characteristic.

Having a good sense of empathy is something you are known for. A good leader read people and could detect what is behind the scenes. he has good intuition. Allowing them to choose the right persons and build a good and homogeneous team.

These are the brilliant qualities that the social science sector requires. If you have some of them, there is no way that Social Science is made for you.

It is not obligated to have all these treats together, some of them could be hugely enough. It is a blueprint that students could see to decide confidently which path to follow. Also, helping to solve the enigma of STEM vs Social Science.

stem vs social science how to make the right decision?

Making a highly good decision depends on how much you are self-aware. When you know your personal traits, and abilities it becomes easy to go ahead just with a little courage and will.

some people may still be confused and not sure what to choose. All they have to do is give themselves time and experience.

Giving themselves time and experience means listening and discovering themselves. finding their strengths and weaknesses. Then tripling down into their strengths and not caring about their weaknesses. All that can be obtained by test. You have to test and your heart will point to the right thing.


Personnaly there is no such optimal branch to choose for everyone. Everyone is fit for a different branch. So everyone should discover and follow his own path, not other people’s paths. Nobody is born to be an engineer and nobody is born to be a sociologist. Nature is diverse and we are part of it.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.