Which is better mechatronics or electrical engineering?

Technology has changed our lives in a way that nobody would think or predict. The technology revolution uses advanced technics and science like robotic engineering, AI (artificial intelligence) or electrical engineer, and so on. Mechatronics or electrical engineering played a big role in this revolution.

This technology transition has increased dramatically the number of people who want to join mechatronic or electrical engineer classes. It requires them, study engineering at universities and finish their courses. Before they could apply and choose the right track. Some people prepare themselves for mechatronic engineering and some others see themselves in electrical one. But someones stand at a crossroad asking Which is better mechatronics or electrical engineering?

Which is better mechatronics or electrical engineering?

Mechatronics is a connection between electrical and mechanical engineering. In a technical way, it is hard to compare. Mechatronic technology is evolving every day. It will have a huge potential in the next years of job opportunities and outlooks.

Mechatronics and electrical engineering are like a father and a son. Electrical engineering is the father and mechatronics is the sun. Electrical engineering is an old specialty that has a lot of potentials and a high rate of job opportunities. Regardless, mechatronics engineers will never be out of jobs. But it needs more time to stand out and predominate in the market.

Electrical engineering is a vast scope area. It has more opportunities in the job market. Even if you are inside or outside the US market. Electrical engineering is everywhere. On the other sides mechatronics is still a new limited branch that covers a tiny portion of industries.

I will give you 7 facts why most people choose to study electrical engineering. So, helping you to make a good decision and respond to your question. Which is better electrical engineering or mechatronics?.

Also, you discover some reasons. In addition, why some people choose mechatronics overall advantages providing electrical one.

7 facts why electrical engineering is better than mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering


As an electrical engineer who doesn’t have profound experience. He just has an entry-level position like the majority of graduated students. For instance, testing, preparing some simples circuits, or installing wiring for a variety of electrical tools and equipment. In other words, trying to get the job done.

This level of entry, allows you to grow and acquire experience in so many companies. So they offer you opportunities even if you are in the beginning stages. In order to train, with and under the supervision of an electrical engineer.

The beauty of electrical engineering, Is those companies don’t raise their standards. Just with a primal need and application basics. You can get accepted and have opportunities to prove yourself and improve your skills.

On the other side. Mechatronics specialties are too demanding in terms of labor experience and other coordination stuff. In most cases, mechatronics employers expect appliers to have at minimum 3 years of experience or more. Wich could be difficult to join a market with no experience.

heavy workload

Mechatronics engineering is a group of 3 specializations it holds mechanical, electrical, and computer programming. It tries to connect these three heavy aspects in a single effective system.

What makes mechatronics engineering a challenging domain, is its multi diversions specializations. You have to be solid enough to not be stuck in mechanical issues and be able to solve electrical and programming problems. Moreover, you have to provide solutions that combine your systems.

For example, if you want to program a machine that make some tasks. You have strict instructions. You must know which electrical components to use and the efficient mechanical system that fits. It could be very limiting and challenging. tiny road to go.

Electrical engineering keeps you working in one specialization, ELECTRICITY. You have the freedom and the ability to focus more and not be dispersed in your activities. Also not obligated to do the labor jobs like the previous one.

find a job is difficult in mechatronics

Mechatronics graduates find a lot of issues and problems after finishing their studies. They have to double their work for chasing jobs and fall into various problems in market jobs.

Mechatronics engineers have a few specific requirements for the market. Sometimes they find themselves in front of competition against electrical engineers. In this case, if the need would be in the electrical domain they will lose the battle against electrical engineers.

Sometimes even finding an internship could be exhausting. Because the domain is still rare and unspecified. The majority of companies still don’t fully understand what is a mechatronic engineer. What it does and why they should employ one.

So many employers say that the mechatronic domain is a broad specialty. It doesn’t give qualified engineers. They think that is impossible to find someone who is qualified in three topics at the same time, electrical, mechanical, and programming. Each one of those is a different specialty. So they would rather hire an Electrical engineer or a mechanical one.

speciality and focus

So before diving deeper into the specialty side we have to know. What are the electrical engineering branch and the difference between mechatronics engineering?.

Electrical engineering treats all who are electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It holds a lot of sub-specialties like telecommunication signal processing etc.
The electrical engineer is responsible to design and build electrical systems to solve problems. It has huge potential in the market. Everything is electric like a power station, house installation, home appliances, etc…

The electrical engineers dig deeper into his specialty. which increases his qualification by designing new and better electric and electronics solutions while mechatronics stumbles between mechanics and electricity.

After graduation mechatronics engineers find themselves between 3 choices.

The first one is to find the dream job in mechatronics which is good. If not, they have to apply for an electrical or mechanical one. So in both, they don’t have enough qualifications. They have chosen a broad scope that didn’t allow them to prove in any electrical or mechanical area.

Skills learned in this field can be used in other fields

Practical and theoretical knowledge is indispensable in this field. So the electrical engineers have. They could and apply some skills greatly in another field due to the deep understanding of their branch. Moreover, some other people acquire management skills which could lead them to have their own business.

-Is a more advisory job

The best thing in the electrical engineer career is a lifestyle that could provide. It can be steady to work physically doing labor hours and assisting every once on the core of the problem. This is obvious in the mechatronics field. You have to be friendly with dirty environments( oil, fat…).

As an electrical engineer, you have the ability to become a manager or advisor for the most time. This is allowing sometimes to make your own schedule and have full control.

It can be a great method to turn your current job into becoming a real manager. Reaching some sort of respected experience could open you opportunities in other fields that don’t have any relation between an Electrical area. Because you learned leadership.

Unlikely, mechatronics engineering needs more physical engagement. It requires fixing and maintaining machines with your hands. Moreover staying the most hours in manufacturing environments, maybe supporting and doing the heavy mechanical job. This job tends to be more physical than theoretical.


Electrical and mechatronics have different salaries. regardless that mechatronic engineers have more occupancy than electrical ones. But the wages are telling difference.

The average annual salary of a mechatronics engineer is around $72 000 a year. Personally is not rewarding, depending on the workload who submit the mechatronic engineer. Electrical engineers exceed $20 000 dollars. They reach $90 000 per year and even more with years of experience.

Mechatronic engineers still not having the popularity and demand to obtain the highest salaries like other traditional careers.

in which case mechatronics is better than electrical engineering?

I will list you the most cases where is obligated to choose a mechatronic career regardless of what we noticed before.

mechatronics enginnering


Having both hands in mechanical and electrical stuff opens to you opportunities to improve your skills in these domains. Even if you can’t become an outlier in both of them. But it gives you the ability to manipulate and have a different vision of industrial topics.


If you love the ambiance and noise don’t bother you. You love hanging out with machines and being a part of every aspect, electrical or mechanical. So mechatronics is for you.

Robotics & Automation Specialty

If you are obsessed with robotic and automation.

I would say that, you must go into mechatronics engineering forget something called electrical engineering.

You don’t have to hesitate in all that time.
Mechatronics is principally made for studying robotic and automation Automation. It is a potential growth industry. if are passionate about robotics you will be the preferred one to hire in this industry.

Mechatronics or electrical engineering (conclusion)

So the question relates to you if you look for salary and high positions you already know what to choose. Or if you are passionate and you find yourself in Mechatronics. The last will be the most valuable and happier field for you.

Despite all what we said about Mechatronics. It is still primordial for some people. Also, it has a big potential in the next decade when to use more automation in our life. Mechatronics is very important in manufacturing and automation. All you have to do is to Do it right and you can have a very good future.

Don’t rush! You could read and repeat the article well. So you can find yourself.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.