Law school after a STEM Ph.D.? The best strategy

Having a STEM Ph.D. is not that easy thing compared to a law degree. Stem student’s support heavy materials like math and physics, long hours of work, and preparations inside and outside classes to absorb the heavy program they have. Their only goal is to attain a degree and reach to the last final line. But what is relevant here , with going to law schools after STEM Ph.D.?.

STEM PHDs is hard degree to attain it require discipline, passion, and patience to arrive. Some people could fail, some others don’t give up and finally get their degree.

But on the other side. After all this hustle and hard work. Some tiny portion of STEM PhDs owners decides to shift and go to law schools.

It is reasonable after this long journey to choose this path?. Or is it completely stupid to go to law school after obtaining a STEM Ph.D.?

Or maybe there is another reason why people choose to do that?. So in this article, we’re going to understand, why and for what to go to law school after having a stem Ph.D.?. What are the reasons to do that?. What you should do if you are in this position?.

going in law school after STEM PhD

Changing a career from having a stem Ph.D. to a law school might come from different reasons and circumstances, pushing people to do this jump. Some people find that stupid to go to law school after obtaining a Ph.D. Some others might se it from a different angle. But for sure they are many different reasons that could make people have this decision and flip from the STEM domain to another different domain like the law sector.

I’ve gathered you the most common reasons why people don’t use their STEM Ph.D. degree and decide to chase a law career and go to law schools.

building network

Networking is the greatest thing to succeed in different domains, especially in entrepreneurship, having contacts with powerful people can totally change your life. It is enough to network with one successful person and your life will be totally different.

they saidit is not about what you know it is about who you know ” and that is totally right. The law domain allows to meet and collaborate with highly effective and powerful people in the country, lawyers, Judges etc. It gives priceless resources in your professional life and even for the person also.

people shift to go from having a STEM Ph.D. to the law sector because they know the opportunities of networking. The law domain is offering what they can get in their life.

They  have purpuse of helping people and defending for the human rights.

Some people have some beliefs and principles and they want to beat the unfairness and non-equal opportunities. They feel like they have to make a change. The only way is by understanding the law and legal rights.

This requires some skills to develop, Where you don’t find in the STEM Ph.D. career. Thus the law school could replace that and teaches them how to negotiate and evaluate issues.

switching from stem to law school is for the sake of improving credibility and self-esteem by understanding deep what they have as of rights and what they should do as obligations. It teaches you the beauty of being competitive and defend for your rights.

Develop entrepreneurial skills

Studying the principles of laws can teach you the most credible factor that differentiates successful companies from losers. Nowadays companies lawers are everything. the lawyer protects companies from some pitfalls that can eliminate them overnight.

Some people change from stem Ph.D. to law schools because they want to have a credible business and legit flexibility. It is primordial in every business but when you are a lawyer or law person, things became easier for you. You already have the powerful tool.

Actually, lawyer businessmen could make millions of dollars per year using their skills. It is obvious because at the same time it saves billions of dollars to companies. The question is interchangeable. You have to give to receive…

the new foundable passion

After a lot of working and hustle years. Following graduation. Many stem Ph.D. students find the right passion and obsession for themselves. Even when it seems late, they jump and go again to study the law. So they can enjoy their new passion providing them a new life purpose.

They don’t matter to grow and learn again because they found what they like, they found their soul. People say law materials are heavy tasks to do but they don’t see that. They live and dig into law legislation and rules.

People want to do jobs they enjoy and feel belong to them. So will not seem stupid for them to go to law school after obtaining a Ph.D.

working in both stem and law domains

many people love going through challenges. They have a curiosity to go into new domains and discover them like in this case stem Ph.D. graduates. They choose to go on this journey of discovering what is inside law schools.

Sometimes they prefer to have a foundation and law knowledge because they need it for their own sake, like using it for a business or other thing related.

The law school easy and accomoditive for STEM PHDs

Stem students are used to supporting the high charge and intensive complex materials like math and science. They are familiar to absorb and deal with these intense materials in a fast way. So dealing with a Literary Materials as the law does, gives them an incentive and reason to go for it.

Especially the law programs like J-D, last three years and through accelerated programs it can be finished in only two years. But the most important thing is. All that can be part-time. Even if it will be context demanding and a little bit exhausted.

stem students have the immunity to do that because they went through worse than that and exceed it.

Being a teacher or law consultant.

You might want to have an interest in teaching laws or providing consulting sessions. You love to contribute to this field by serving profit organizations and non-profit organizations.

For teaching law in specific, the experience for stem Ph.D. could be useful to interface with students in various fields of law and government.

consulting wants a person who drafts legal documents and advises people. Your STEM Ph.D. skills will empower your success in this domain to make people in the right standing.

Have an additional income stream

It’s weird to hear that from someone who is maybe making over 100 000 per year. Therefore this would not be the issue if you have a law degree and you have little experience in court backstages.

Some stem Ph.D. graduates do some sort of consulting or teaching work that adds a huge value to people and produces them back, a respectful income even with part-time actions.

law school after a STEM Ph.D. Example of success story

We can take a famous example of a professor of law at Cambridge University. Professor Sarah Worthington. She is a big expert in England in companies law, equity, and commercial law.

Since 2011, she has been the Downing Professor of the Laws of England at the University of Cambridge.

She is career began in science from 1974 to 1979. She got a Ph.D. degree in STEM biochemistry and obtained his degree before moving to a law domain and having school studies in law. wich considered completely a different topic compared to his STEM Ph.D.

Should you go as the owner of stem phd for a law school  ?

This question relates to your need and ambitions, you have already chosen the best career. It is not easy to do what you have done. Having this experience will open to you a lot of doors in any area and also for the law area as you might think.

About difficulty, law courses seemed hard to different students but for you the stem one. It would a piece of cake and easily achievable.

So if you still have the mind to go and have two more years with literary stuff and laws and governmental themes. Moreover assuming that you can afford financially the formation cost without going into debt or stuff like that.  It will be worth it. Especially if you want to run your own business or you love this domain and you want to add value to it.

You could stay in your stem job that we suppose you love it. If not. There will be another problem to maybe to talk about later. But having solid background in-laws could make a big difference in your life. Regardless if you don’t want to make a profit from it.


To sum up, don’t let society have permission to judge and control your life. The likely hood that most people who ask this question already know the response. Because they don’t have some irrelevant triggers like money or parent obligation to make a decision.

Because stem Ph.D. degree provides and covers all these flashy things like money or personal respect…

but maybe your heart is trying to tell you something, you would better try and test than not do it at all. “LIFE IS SHORT”.

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