Is STEM better than ABM? (Solved)

Many students have a lot of issues between choosing a path of pursuing stem classes or ABM ones.

Or maybe some others discover themselves making a bad choice and finally they want to switch back from STEM to ABM or vice versa.

It is way more important to make the right decision. In addition, this decision is making a big difference in the student’s career.

After that, it could change a lot of things and shape his future.

The goal of this article is to allow you to prevent making bad mistakes and choose the right path for you.

So in this article, I will be going to show you how to choose the right path. Or even help you without fear, to step right and shift from STEM to ABM or vice versa.

And also we’re going to respond to this question.

Which is a better STEM or ABM ?.

so we would help you to get rid of the confusion and make a better choice for your career.

Is STEM better than ABM?

STEM covers everything that is related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, ABM focuses on accounting and business management.

So before digging deeper we have to clarify this thing.

we cannot say

is STEM better than ABM? ” 

we have to say

what is better for me, STEM or ABM? “

Each domain ABM or STEM requires some abilities and skills. In the ABM career, you would study accounting and science management.

Otherwise, STEM tends to be science and mathematical topics.

We will discover together some skills and personal traits.

As result to have the confidence to choose between STEM and ABM. Or even switching from one to another if you are currently engaged in one of them.

stem skills

The stem requires more rational thinking, you have to be an objective and critical thinker.

It requires also to have attention to detail and a big background in physics and science and more importantly mathematics.

So you have to be aware that stem requires using mathematical formulas and memorizing physics laws.

You need to have the balance to deal with overload lessons and absorb them in a quick way.

In stem courses, you will dig deeper into mathematics chemistry, physics, and also biology technology aspects… 

ABM skills

ABM is based on finance and entrepreneurship.

This topic is more social, it tends to be more open than the previous one(STEM).

You have to have some sort of skills like communication and organizational behavior and also deadline and time management.

In the ABM courses, communication and collaboration skills, have a big impact on this area. Because it all depends on the business building.

So you have to have the ability to be a good coordinator and good time manager.

In the ABM courses, you will study mathematics for a kind of like accounting management. But not too much deeper like stem classes.

On the other side, you will dig deeper into human resources, and also in marketing Direction.

for what STEM is better than ABM?


For many people accounting are a very memorized and heavy topic.

It’s needed and requires that students have the ability and the capacity for memorization.

Also, it needs a lot of engagement to memorize the roots and a lot of effort to absorb the topic.

regardless so many people work hard and prepare for exams. But finally, they find themselves struggling with Bad marks.

this topic has a mechanical process and it takes a lot of practice to score a good mark.

If you aren’t a creative thinker it will be difficult and hard to understand.

Sometimes it requires picking ideas and thinking out of the box.

in stem classes, you are not obligated to deal with heavy rules of accountancy.

So if you don’t like accountancy and you find it boring in this case, STEM is better than ABM.

Business and Management

Most people say that management jobs can be attained without a degree. just by having experience through work for companies or through apprenticeships.

 people chase a degree in business and management because it is easy.

Sometimes they pay high for some courses that are irrelevant and have nonsense in the business world and management.

it requires you to get high marks and a getting a lot of experience. Before you could apply for a job with a business degree.

So we could not absolutely compare his value with an engineering degree. That stem domain offer.

for what ABM is better than STEM?


 many people found that science and math are the main reason for that.

A lot of young people don’t want to pursue the stem field. Because they find it hard and overloaded.

They find themselves dealing every day with tons of math, science, and chemistry which is not suitable for most.

I think the common theme in all points is that being good at STEM requires a very specific kind of mind or thinking style.

And many people simply don’t have that. just like most people don’t fit in music, or in art, or don t have an athlete body.

STEM is not a field that you will learn to love. Is an aptitude that you were born with. Is an aptitude that allows you to say with yourself “I mean to do that or not”…

in this point. ABM beat STEM.

ABM materials are a lot easier to deal with they don’t have a lot of complications like the STEM ones. 


One of the main things to take into consideration is that the STEM strand comes with many barriers and some unpleasant situations.

especially when you find yourself with bad teaching circumstances and poor instructions it makes things suck…

the stem process requires a lot of work and research. Sometimes it could be very frustrating and in other times not working at all.

Not having interest could be the worst for you to come up with creative ideas or solve solutions…

the stem needs a curious and interested student about his materials.

He must have the aspect of critical thinking and finally come up with new and creative ideas.

ABM strand focus on outcomes and results and fixes rules that don’t require this level of thinking outside the box.

After a lot of details and explanations. If you still feel more confused about which path should you choose STEM or ABM.

I will give you the signs or traits. That indicates if you are made for STEM or ABM.

it will guide you to make the right decisions. So you can beat the confusion on your mind.

STEM is better for me than ABM (7 sings)

if you find yourself in these traits or signs that indicate that you are made for STEM, not the ABM field.

Critical thinking

  • you like making things different in your own way and you love seeing things from different angles and from different perspectives.
  • do you get attracted by analyzing events and gathering data? do you make a lot of assumptions and compare things?

Analytical skills

  • do You love to have evidence by searching a lot of information? and also to evaluate every bit of knowledge to find an outcome of the challenge.
  • using more logic and systematic in your life. you don’t like routine every day, you want the new.
  • if you are introverted and you like to work more times alone you like to have a free space to work on your own and your memory is sharp.


  • you like solving problems and going through challenges every once, planning is finding the issues that attract you. you like to break challenges.


  • do you love to make something work in another way do you like to renew things and make them better?
  • do you get attracted by analyzing events and gathering data?do you make a lot of assumptions and compare things?

love of technology

  • I love dealing with technology and programming and building stuff from scratch that’s what you say.

you hate accountancy

  • the math is interesting for you but you don’t like to memorize a lot of numbers you don’t like absurd numbers you find them as incense stuff.

you don’t love managing teams and people

you like dealing with systems and technology, and don t have a tendency in human research, you find the development personal like boring stuff and rules that you don’t get interested in.

ABM is better for me than STEM (7 sings)

if you find yourself in these topics you’ll be sure that ABM is made for you.

Organization & Management

  • you like being organized and managing things you love to have control of everything and follow systems.

Principles of Marketing

marketing and promotions interest you a lot, you are courageous about marketing campaigns, you love to promote you have a tendency of a seller man.

Fundamentals of Accountancy

you love counting things and pursuing and finding ways to improve accounting systems accounting takes your attention for a first while.

 Business and Management

you dream of making your business or you already have one and you’re good at managing things like people and making strategies.

In Applied Economics

you follow the news about economics like the stock market or digital currency.

Business Ethics

you’re attracted to business topics and you love following the leaders in this area.


you’re a great communicator, you’re an extrovert, and you like to be around people not solely. People always say that you are a good flexible and good coordinator.


your talent and inner skills determine what path you should choose either STEM or ABM.

The most important is to choose the field where you be pleasant and satisfied.

Don’t ruin your career for money or parental obligation. it is your life, not for everyone.

I hope you make the right decision.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.