how to build your own robot: build a robot from zero

You love robotics and you always thinking of building your own robot. But, you don’t know-how. You don’t know what material to choose or buy. In addition, you don’t know anything about this topic and you love to know. Above all. Don’t get discouraged. In this article, I will show you from scratch and step by a step, how to build your own robot . That is to say, without having any knowledge about this topic.

Before going ahead I just want you to know the beginning of the robotics field and how this domain evolved in this century.

definition of robotics and how robots were built before

the word robotics or robot comes from a root with meanings associated with labor. In addition, the word robot or “ROBOTA” is meaning land work in the CZECH language. This term was invented by Josef Capek in 1920.

in 1948 in (England) William greywater comes with the first electronic robots. The first commercial robot was sold by George Devol in 1954 and it was named “UNIMATE” and finally it was sold to general motors in 1961.

before this times 1948 or 1961 and before existing of the robot terms the muslim enginner called al jazary (al jazari Wikipedia) the scientist invited the automatic men to serve in house after a demand of abassi king to make a machine to help him make ablutions before pray.

the robot was like a child who hold a towel and water jug it feed the king with water when he want

the waiter robot feed the water for washining hand

robotic technology has aggressively advanced. In addition, it going to a point that almost any material we use in our daily ,will contain the robotic technology .

actually robot are almostly in any industries and even more. robots know lives in our homes, washing our dishes cleaning floors and even in some places like waiters…

in this video you will see a robotic restaurant who fully automated,everything is done by robots

what do you need to build your own robot?

  • 3v battery and it holder
robot battery

this piece rounded in red is a 3v battery and its holder is a source of power that will energize our robot motor. So, he can move our robot’s parts.

  • 2 triangles pieces of wood

you can use (mdf wood) or double carton whatever you want, like this image below. you must respect the distances between holes

  • 1 rectangular pieces of wood
robot piece

you always have to respect the measures 10cm in width and 8cm in height.

  • 3 wood squares
robot pieces

2 squares with the same width and heights and one different.

  • dc motor with reductor
robot motor

you have to buy this kind of motors because it has the redactor included inside, the reductor is a combination of grears that get conected to the motor to multiply a force generated by a motor.

  • perforated bars and iron axes
robot piece

if you dont find theses bars you could replace them by pieces of a wood. About the iron axis you could find them easily without any problem.

  • stick ears
  • switch on off

in this picture you will see all the material needed together

first step to build your own robot

we have to prepare our pieces and drill holes. So it will allow the iron axis going through, like this …

soldering the battery cable for the robot with switch on-off and motor

you have to sold the battery cable with swith. In order to power up to motor.

step 3 joining the rectangular pieces together and base with a glue

we will get like this

now is time to stick this piece with a base of our robot

fixing a motor on the base

you have to respect the distance between the shaft motor and hole. Is 9 cm.

the rest of the process you will find in this video you can continu from the 3.29 minute until the end .


the robotics field is a futuristic dmain, he will take places of so many industires and jobs. the robotics evolution is comming.So ,we have to invest and give a ressources to make easy for stem students to abosrbe this technology and become part of it.

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